Feb 21, 2018

Our Oneness

New Thought Spirituality is often referred to as a cosmology, not a theology, meaning it is a study of the Whole Big Picture of the universe and our place in it. Without this kind of vantage point, humans do not have a shared vision of who we are and how to solve our problems, which incidentally are largely the result of several different, but narrow, views of our place in the universe.

In other words, we have been fighting for our versions of reality without ever considering how powerful we could be if we shared a vision that engaged our intellect while nurturing our hearts. What would that be if not one that included science and mystical experience at the same time. Much of what plagues us in this 21st century are the effects of thinking too small and operating from superstition.

Without a shared cosmology, we cannot advance as a species. Too busy fighting to defend irrational notions about life and our origins, we are denying ourselves the glorious life we could have on this beautiful planet. In 1999 we asked HH the Dalai Lama what was the one most important thing humanity needed to know at the turn of the century. He replied "The fact of our oneness." It would be so wonderful if we started there and explored the secrets of this universe together. If we would drop the religious dogma and engage in real dialogue about what it means to be human and how miraculous it is that we have consciousness in the first place.

My affirmation is simple: "I am awake, alert and accessible to real Truth, and so is everyone else."

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