Dec 1, 2017

Our Innate Wholeness is Our True Identity

There are so many quick fixes available to us for everything from belly fat to restless legs. It is tempting to try them just because we like to believe in the magic pill. Most of the ads for these products use such phrases as "takes the work out of it" or "instant results." The truth is, most things take time to change or to improve if all we are doing is working at the level of the effect. If, however, we add the component of a changed mind, we will see results much more readily.

Behavior modification was popular in the nineties. It was about using our willpower to make ourselves change a habit. By doing something new or different, we trained ourselves to adopt new behaviors. Trouble was, it didn't last. Eventually our deeper self-identity would reassert itself and we would go right back to the old ways. If, however, the inner and the outer were combined, the results were very positive. Those who quit smoking successfully do it by becoming a non-smoker in their mind, first! It is easier to drop a bad habit if we see ourselves as someone who doesn't need it in the first place.

The power of self-identity cannot be denied. It leads us into temptation or into empowerment depending on who we think we are. If there is something we want to release, something harmful in our daily life, we have to begin with raising our self-worth. It can be done most successfully at the spiritual level. We are not the accumulation of past events, we are the incarnation of pure Life. Who we are today is as free and perfect as we were before we were born. Our innate wholeness is our true identity.

Try this: "I am free to be myself. Nothing need be added. I love being me."

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