Mar 6, 2018

New Thought Spirituality

The late mythologist, Joseph Campbell, advised humanity to create a new myth, one that we could share, that included science and a broader perspective of our universe. Just recently I saw a reference to a conversation by a group of progressive thinkers, suggesting the answer to our problems would be a new story about humanity, its source and our universe; one that everyone would share.

As Campbell also noted, there are many battles being fought in the name of the old story. Religions refuse to evolve. It is not acknowledged that humans wrote those stories to begin with and they were of a different time and a different people. They are out of date and do not hold up in the face of scientific discoveries. But that doesn't mean they had no value. They have helped people in many ways. But in today's world we need a more inclusive perception and one in concert with science.

New Thought Spirituality was once named "Religious Science" for a very good reason. It was, and is, a way of seeing this universe and everything in it, as the ever-revealed potential of pure Intelligence and absolute Love, quivering with energy in the Quantum Field. It is a way of living that helps humans reduce anxiety and turn it into cheerful expectancy. It promotes unity and equality. It includes the wisdom of the ages, modernized and defined in terms of what we now know about Mind and its place in the manifestation process. New Thought is the New Story. It can be found at Centers for Spiritual Living around the globe. Find one near you at

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