Aug 1, 2017

New Thought Spirituality

What do you support?  It shows up in our purchases, our contributions, our attendance at various activities.  We might support the arts, public TV and radio, ministries, organizations that help children in need, education, etc. with our financial aid and of course, our votes.  Subtler, but equally effective in promoting certain aspects of life, are the thoughts we have about the world and other people, which extend into our way of responding to both.

Do we walk around in a state of low grade anger at what we see on the News? Do we blame certain groups for the state of things?  Are we quick to judge those in need as being lazy or drug addicted?  Do we think anyone on welfare is exploiting the system or taking from us in some way?  If so, we are supporting an us and them perception that is at the root of many of our problems in the world.

Compassion leads to solutions.  If we actually give a damn about the future of humanity, we will seek answers now.  We will get involved with and support those people and agencies that offer a way out of the terrible conditions too many are enduring. I believe New Thought Spirituality is one of them.  We offer not merely a hand-out, (there are thousands of people doing that and it is needed) but we offer a leap up into a way of seeing oneself and the universe that destroys the victim consciousness that is so deadly and so easy to exploit.  We are not just a teaching to keep to ourselves.  We are an antidote to the serious abuse of religious superstition and dogma that has kept people in mental and emotional chains, leading to disease and poverty, violence and war.

Support us in our work. It is valuable and important.  We are not another religion. We are a way of life that is inclusive of all people.  We empower. We liberate minds. We honor all people as fellow spiritual beings in this human experience.

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