Nov 21, 2017


A very famous musical star, a rapper, suffering from anxiety and depression has "dropped out" of the fray and is working on a horse farm, shoveling manure and feeding the animals. He is slowly being "rewired" as it were. Nature has a way of healing what is troubling the soul. Emerson knew this. He was a brilliant intellect and renowned writer and orator, but his great balancing act was to live at the edge of the woods where he could hear the call of the crow and the sough of the trees. He wrote:

At night I went out into the dark
And saw a glimmering star and heard a frog
And nature seemed to say, Well, do these not suffice?

We are a long way from the woods, as it were. Our Natural world, our Mother, has been raped and pillaged, ignored and polluted. She is rising up in resistance and she will show us who has the power. But of course, it is not too late. She is very forgiving; she responds to love and respect quickly. It begins with gratitude for what she brings to us so unstintingly; food, water, beauty, energy. We travel on her seas, live on her shores, eat of her fruit and harness her powers. Are we grateful? Do we give thanks daily for her bounty? Nature is the Feminine aspect of life. She is the partner of technology, the masculine. They need to be equally valued in order to produce the highest and best for all the inhabitants of Earth, including the crow and the frog and the children of our children.

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