Feb 22, 2018

Natural Intelligence

Can we be still while things unfold?  What is the difference between patience and passivity?  There is that aspect of setting something in motion with our very creative minds, and then allowing it to form itself into the next step, that is extremely important.  Think of the nucleus of an egg; once fertilized, or awakened to its potential, it must be left undisturbed.  If we were to crack it open to see how it was doing, we would kill the potential life within it.  This is a good analogy to how we can disrupt the natural flow of our idea into form by injecting the energy of fear or unbelief into the process.

It always comes back to what we believe about the creative process;  what we think happens to energized ideas and how they come into visibility.  The secret is to allow Natural Intelligence to work it out.  We do not have to know "how" it happens, but we do need to have faith and trust in the process.  A good bumper sticker for the mind is "God is on the job."

For me, God is a simple reference to an incredible Intelligence, operating through a Field of Love (cohesiveness, magnetism, attraction) bringing about whatever is "fertilized" or awakened within it.  That would be our belief, our faith, our trust, our desire, our acceptance and our profound gratitude.

Try this:  I turn my desire over to the Natural Intelligence to work out the details. In the meantime I am joyfully expectant of a grand result.

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