Jan 3, 2018

Make Room in Your Awareness

I dreamed last night that I bought a bicycle and rode it for miles as if I had been cycling since I was a young girl. When I got home in the dream, I said to my roommate (someone I had known years ago) "The last time I rode a bike my knees hurt." She said "Well, you know, knees heal themselves." I am sure this came about because I had seen a beautiful aqua-blue girls bike in a store that day and the idea of riding again was activated in my consciousness. It is very flat where I live so I could probably have some fun with it. Maybe I will go get that blue baby!

It is fascinating how an idea will take hold in our mind, worming its way into our subconscious and popping up as an inner experience. It makes me realize, once again, the power of thought. What if we focus on Peace, for example, and allow it to excite us as much as a new bike did when we were kids? Knowing that what we think about tends to come about, doesn't it make sense to work consciously with the content of our mind?

We so under-use our consciousness, giving it nothing of substance to think about; like are we having a good hair day and who took the last parking spot. Our mind is cluttered with nonsense. Since not much can be made from those images, what tends to come about are our deeper and usually unresolved fears and conflicts. We might find life to be repetitive and dull. What we need is the mental equivalent of a new bike to engage our creative intelligence and our hearts' delight. What is it that you would love to see more of in this world and in your personal life? Give it some room in your awareness. Let it become real to you. A little focus goes a long way.

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