Aug 25, 2017

Love Being Yourself

What are you celebrating today? A birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, sobriety, a new job, retirement, a completion, a new beginning? If nothing else, every day ought to be worth our gratitude and our cheerful expectation. Something wonderful is happening today and it is you! You are the gift you are seeking. You are conscious; you can imagine; you are able to forgive and move on; you can keep precious memories alive if you choose. You can decide what to think, what to believe, what to allow into your personal reality.

As the vehicle for Life, you are the way in for infinite possibility to be seen and known. There is no other avenue for the expression of Spirit on Earth. It comes through the very life that you are. Let's celebrate today that Spirit is coming in as renewed love, greater health, increased prosperity, deeper joy, perfect vision. Let's welcome the Presence as our next great idea; an insight; a revelation; a healing; an opportunity. Emerson said: "God comes to us without bell." In other words, it is always present. We must play our part with a constant expectation of good.

Emerson also advised "God will not be made manifest by cowards." Bravery is not overcoming obstacles or danger. Bravery in this sense is seeing through the current scene as evidence of our own limited ideas. Spiritual courage is simply to stand in the chaos and see the emergent order. It is to know and know that we know. God never fails to supply us with what we are willing to accept. Celebration is acceptance of the highest kind. Raise a symbolic glass today in a toast to the joy of living. Shout out "This is my life and I love being me!"

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