Nov 22, 2017

Love and Gratitude

What is another word for gratitude? Thankfulness, of course, but what else? Appreciation for sure, but what about Love? Aren’t we grateful when we love something, whether it be a person, place or thing? Perhaps we are grateful for an outcome, such as a healing; and we love the results. Living in Hawaii for many years, I was always struck with the love of place residents have for the islands. Hawaiian songs are about the rainbows, the flowers, the ocean and the mountains. Gratitude for where they are marks the shared reality of Hawaiians.

Love begets gratitude. They are the powers that give birth to ideas. Doesn’t it stand to reason that if we love what we desire, are grateful for it before it appears in our midst, we make it real? Love and gratitude seem to be the energies of manifestation. They bring the invisible realm into the visible, the very thing we hold dear appears before us.

Life is an inner experience first, then it is revealed as an outer one. Having said that, it seems practical to develop an attitude of gratitude and a genuine love for all the Good that is ours to share. It is such a circulation dance; that which we love and are grateful for, we tend to have possession of, and can share with ease and the assurance of its place in our life. Love and gratitude are partners in the dance of creation.

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