Feb 14, 2018


Can you remember playing as a child? It was true fun because there was no goal in it. True fun is not a game with a winner and a loser. It is Just playing for the sake of playing. That is a real experience of the present. Where do we see this in adults? It is rare. Usually it is when love is new; when a couple has discovered each other. Chasing and being chased are fun if love is the reason you are doing it. Young couples play hide and seek, have pillow fights, dance in the kitchen.

It is Valentine's Day. There will be very little true fun involved. There will be angst about who will remember, what will they plan for us, what should I get for them? Single people will feel desolate because they are not half of a couple. Lots of us will think we have to do something special for ourselves. It is a manufactured merchant's dream. The goal is to feel we belong to something, anything.

But love is real. Real love is fun. But as soon as there is a goal in it, it becomes something else. Not that the something else is a bad thing, but it is not so much fun. The fun comes between the goal setting and the goal achieving. It is being together, doing nothing, that allows us to be present with each other and to actually feel the love.

Thee is a real love inside of us. It does not need an object to come alive. It only needs to be acknowledged. "I am Love. Love is in me and I am in it. I am in Love."

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