Nov 20, 2017


Love seeks an object. It is an energy, a quality of Being, that wants to connect with something. Most often it is a person or a pet, but Love will also attach itself to an idea, a place, a culture or anything we consider beautiful. What we love tends to magnify in our midst. We might see beauty where others do not, but in our presence, beauty is revealed.

Love for the self has always been the greatest healing agent available to us. It is a spiritually charged turn of mind that brings us back into alignment with our true nature. Sometimes our past life has been so turbulent that it may seem impossible to find that Love again, but it is never too late. Love is seeking us.

Those who believe we are forever intact regardless of our past can heal the traumatic effects of childhood mistreatment. New Thought spirituality is particularly powerful in this regard. We come to realize that who we are is never damaged nor diminished by worldly experience. Our self- esteem may have been tampered with, but that is changeable. We learn to re-identify ourselves as the ever-present wholeness of an Infinite Life and an ever-unfolding potential. We do not change the past, we change our perception of who we are here and now. That makes all the difference. Let's let Love have its way with us!

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