Feb 1, 2018

Look For the Good

This morning I opened the blinds to the most glorious sunrise. The sky was a blazing orange with streaks of yellow and lavender. It happens everyday, as do the beautiful sunsets, but if we do not put ourselves in a position to see them, they might as well not exist. Isn't life about that very thing; putting ourselves in the right place to enjoy the natural gifts of this moment?

The best-kept secret, however, is that the right place begins in mind. As a metaphor, the thought of opening the blinds to see the sunrise has to be present, but so does the expectation that the sunrise will be there. Spiritual practice is largely about keeping our eyes open to the wonders that are in evidence all around us.

The irony is this; in order to have our eyes wide open to possibility, they must first be shut in contemplation. We turn within to change our view of the world. This is not to deny what is currently made visible, but to know we are seeing a temporary and limited version of what is possible.

There is plenty of beauty in the world. There are wonderful, kind and giving people doing great work to make us all safer and happier. There are new discoveries that will give us greater ease in living. There is something good happening all the time. But we have to see it, expect it and more importantly, name it and claim it as a welcome and natural part of our personal reality.

"Look for the Good and Praise it."

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