Feb 12, 2018

Live Your Vision

This is the day when everything will change for us. If we have been wanting something to be different, this is the day. Why? Because this is the day, the moment really, when we have the power to set something in motion with our very creative minds. This is when it all begins. A change of perception is required.

Most of our problems are those of perception. We may moan about our situation but a little clarity can help us see what is needed. Watching the Olympics this week we have seen personal stories of young athletes. More than one of the medalists were seriously injured a couple of years ago. It was thought they would not ski or skate again. But they identified the problem and set about to do what was necessary each day to rehabilitate their body. They saw themselves competing in this Olympics and that vision motivated them through the pain and hard work.

They were kids. They were not different from us. They were not special. They simply refused to accept the worse case scenario. They held to their perception of themselves as healthy competitors. In a way that is an active prayer. They affirmed their wholeness and set about to reveal it. Things had to be done in the time/space dimension, but in their mind, it was already so. But it doesn't happen without a new idea, a fresh self-identity, a cheerful expectation.

Try this: "Today it all begins again. I am on the path to real prosperity (or health, love etc.) I know what steps to take. I am living my vision."

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