Jan 12, 2018

Live Now

Western culture exists mainly to work for the future. How many ads do we see on television about retirement? Will you have enough money and so on? We plan for what we will do after we leave work, on the weekend, during a vacation. We think ahead of where we are. Although that is a useful and possibly necessary function of consciousness, it has become the only way most of us use our minds. We are rarely fully present.

The irony is that when we are truly immersed in this now moment, we have the best time! We are not worried, fearful or concerned with what happens after. Like children at play we are in the field of FUN. Fun can include work if we are fully engaged and allowed to use our imagination in the process of getting the job done. Whenever we can turn work into play, we are more alive.

Spirituality ought to be FUN as well. Traditional religion is so deadly serious that it is, indeed, dead. There is no aliveness in memorizing scripture or reciting passages from ancient texts. Spirituality is more about our relationship to NOW; to Nature, to our own Being and what we perceive to be its source. Spirituality is immediate, not a way to store up nuggets of devotion like a squirrel preparing for winter. In this moment, everything we seek exists. Our happiness in Now, and so is our peace and our health and our supply. It is simple, but we have made it into hard work. Relax and allow the mind to rest in its own potential, right here and right now. Don't wait for tomorrow to live this precious life.

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