May 9, 2018

Live in Full Health

It is easier to scoff at what is new or foreign than it is to investigate and come to informed conclusions.  There is a lot of scoffing in our world around spiritual/mental healing.  It comes from a disconnect with Life itself.  There is a deep psychic wound in our collective consciousness.  It is the result of feeling separate from Source, or that there is no Source.  It is a sense that we are subject to a myriad of potential diseases and maladies and that we have nothing to do with what happens to us.

We have come to believe so firmly in disease as an entity, that when it is suggested the content of our minds have a leading role in the state of our health, scoffing is the first response. Having said all that, if we have even once made the direct connection between Mind and a personal healing, we will never be so convinced again that we are powerless.  Much of what we do with mental healing is actually preventive.  We praise health; praise our well-being; affirm our oneness with Source; declare the intelligence of the body.  We use spiritual tools such as meditation, right thought and right speech on a daily basis.

We do not take credit for what the world calls a healing.  We know we are dealing with a universal principle and we are somewhat humbled by how perfectly it responds to our use of it.  How we use it is by filling our mind with loving and joyful ideas; by celebrating the moment; by staying in gratitude.  Sure, once in a while, even the most disciplined of us will get sick.  But we never blame anybody or anything for it.  We simply get back in the energy of wholeness and begin again.  We live in a world of scoffers.  Our part in preventive medicine is to not become one of them.

Try this:  "I wholeheartedly believe that Vitality is the modus operandi of my physical self. I am a vitalized center of God consciousness.   I am grateful to live in full health, all the time."

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