Jan 17, 2018

Life is Good

There is one life, one power, one presence, one something being everything. It is right where we are, right now, all of it, all the time. Called by many names it responds to us by co-responding to our most energized ideas, beliefs, certainties. The universe runs on an infallible system of consciousness taking form and becoming experience. The one power is not a person but expresses as persons. It is not separate from its expression, but is its potential. It is not aware of limitation in the physical world since it is outside of time and space. It exists in the ever-present now where there is no before and after, big and little, good and bad. It is forever personalizing itself by means of its expression. Noting else is happening to us, but only through us.

Today we take a grand leap into the faith of the informed. We know and we know that we know! There is good for us and we are meant to have it. Today we claim our hearts desire as the craving of Spirit for a greater level of experience. Today we say Yes to the inner press to express. We stand up for the Truth and we are set free once again to begin the wonderful discovery of our unseen, silent, but ever present co-creating intelligence. Love is its true name and it loves being each one of us.

Today I claim my wealth and financial freedom. I am supplied with everything I need to live life at the highest level I can imagine. I am in service. I am on the move. I am happy healthy wealthy and wise. The life I live is my gift to the Power that seeks outlet through me. Life is Good and very Good and so it is!

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