Jan 16, 2018

Life is a Verb

"I am" connotes action. We are be-ing human. Buckminster Fuller titled one of his books "I seem to be a Verb" and that is correct. We are in motion even if we are sitting as still as a stone, our bodies constantly active in the business of repair, renew and sustain. What exactly is it that causes all this organized and intelligent movement? What beats the heart, takes the breath, opens the eyes?

The fact of our existence is such a mystery that we could not avoid making up stories about how we came to be. If we attribute our being to anything that is in the seen world, we have missed it. Nature did not create us. Evolution did not create us. They are both real and necessary to the ever-becoming aspect of intelligence, but they are not the source of the intelligence.

Ernest Holmes, one of the great minds of the 20th century observed "Evolution did not create intelligence. Intelligence drives evolution.” Something is driving the whole universe and everything in it and it does it with stunning attention to detail. The atomic and the cosmic seem to be equally endowed with it. We call it God. Since it is impossible to comprehend, we made it in our image and likeness. That was fine for uninformed minds. But it no longer will serve the higher possibility in us to think of "it" as something separate from what it does. Like us, God is a verb. It is happening now, in you and in me and in all of life. The question is: what shall we do with all this power?

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