Oct 4, 2017

Let's Light Up Our World

Inventor and visionary genius, Buckminster Fuller, said "Electricity is no respecter of geography. It is everywhere, waiting to be plugged in. Success or failure is now everyone's responsibility."

Yes, real Power is everywhere, available to everyone, and we are each using it consciously or inadvertently. We are always connected to the Source of everything, accessing it through the use of it. How very ingenious! It seems that the more we use the natural attributes of the Power, the more we have to use. Its natural attributes are the very things we seek in life; love, joy, peace, plenty, vitality and creative self-expression. Can you think of a better way to run a universe, to give individuality an outlet?

Of course, when we are dealing with invisible power it is easy to doubt it, to dismiss it or to fear it. I imagine early people had that reaction to electricity in the form of lightning. Without understanding of what it is and how to harness it, fear would be a normal reaction. Similarly, the stories we have invented about the Power (God) have disempowered us! Consequently, as Emerson said "We are fishing for minnows on the back of a whale."

Let's get out of the old paradigm and into the right use of Power. Let's start giving whatever it is we are seeking. Let's get in the game on a higher level. Let's light up our world!

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