Oct 18, 2017

Let Your Soul Shine Through

With Halloween coming up soon, it is impossible not to think of the various disguises we wear. Emerson had a lot to say about it; "(We) are a façade of a temple wherein all wisdom and good abide." He went on as to how the self we represent to the world is not who we are, that we are mis-representing ourselves. Yes, everyone is a better being than they know and therefore what is seen and known in the world as "me" is far less than the "I" behind the mask.

This is one of my favorite parts of his essay on the Over-Soul. He refers to the inner genius that comes through us according to our willingness to be seen and known for who we really are. We are in that place of receptivity, perhaps out of desperation and not knowing what to do, when the great soul that we are comes through as light. Emerson said; "When it breathes through the intellect, it is genius; when it breathes through the will it is virtue; when it flows through our affections it is love.”

We only get caught up in limitation, fear and immobility when we disallow this greater presence, right here where we reside! Ask your true self, what Emerson called the soul, to shine through you today. Give it permission to neutralize your small sense of self. Say yes to the power within that is ready to make all things new, simply by being revealed. Don't over-think this, just say yes and let it out. (I am speaking to myself today!!)

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