Aug 10, 2017

Let Your Dream Out

Don't give up; give in. Give in to what? The energy of your dream, the power of a great idea, the course of its orbit into fruition. Let things flow naturally. Of course, this does not mean we do nothing. It is about our inner state while it is unfolding. We do everything we know to do to set the idea in motion and then we allow it to find its own way into form and experience. It will, and how it does so will surprise us.

Sometimes the people who become involved with making our dream come true are unexpected. While we may have thought we knew the "direct line," it turns out to have twists and turns we could not have foreseen. I am speaking about that idea that won't leave us alone. We have a deep faith in its value and place in the world. We know it could have a positive effect on many lives. Time passes but the idea remains just that. But we do not give up, we give in to its aliveness. We say "Bring yourself out into this seen realm of time and space. I am your willing servant."

Oh, well, there's the rub! Are we the willing servant of the idea? If it comes about it will require our participation. Our life might change dramatically. Perhaps we will be busier than ever. Maybe we will have to learn how to live with great prosperity. Certainly, we will be asked to represent, or defend, the very thing we created. Are we ready to stand up and be counted?

Nothing "big" happens without us being swept up into its Life Force. Our part is to say yes, and know that what we give in to it, will be given back to us, pressed down and overflowing.

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