Apr 10, 2018

Let Go and Live

One has to wonder what life would be like if we let go of our current concepts of birth and death and instead, saw this incarnation as one expression in an infinite continuum of experience. Funerals would become going away parties, and births would be a welcome for the return of an intact soul arriving to give their gifts. Perhaps we would learn how to recognize old souls with whom we have traveled in other dimensions.

By the same token, what if we did not believe in Lack of any kind? What if we saw Life as one constant flow of supply, entering this dimension by means of us? Would we learn to bring it forth without struggle and strife? Would we share lavishly without fear of ever running out of anything necessary for our continued well-being?

What if we released the old idea of difference being a threat and saw all sentient beings as the visible expression of One Perfect Life? Would we not have much to share and to celebrate together? What if we dropped our concept of time as flowing forward, and instead, felt the immediacy of Wholeness in this Now moment? Wouldn't we then feel the Joy of Being without waiting for something to happen first? I think so.

Let's challenge our old ideas today. What are you believing about birth, death, supply, unity and time? Are you ready to experience life on a much higher level? Then this is a good place to start.

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