Jan 29, 2018


In Jim Lockard's book "Sacred Thinking" he quotes Lao Tsu:

Kindness in words creates confidence,
Kindness in thinking creates profundity,
Kindness in giving creates love

And what is kindness if not seeing the whole being, the potential, the presence of magnificence? It is unkind to see another as poor or weak or addicted, as if that were all there is to them. Those are conditions which are temporary and changeable. The kind mind will see through the appearance and with great compassion attempt to help the other see the possibility.

When I give to someone living on the street, I give to their wholeness. I give to demonstrate the prosperity that is available to everyone. I give to circulate the truth and to offer a moment of validation of their worth. The only thing permanent about any of us is our intrinsic worth, our natural wholeness, our infinite potential.

Today let's ask of ourselves that we create confidence with our words, profound insights with our thoughts, and love with our giving. Let's be kind to one another. Let's create peace.

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