Mar 16, 2018

Just Do Your Part

We often think there is something missing; either in ourselves, the world or the future. It is a perception that can cause stress and depression if we think there is no way to fill the void. The truth is, there is nothing missing, but what we seek needs to be revealed. It is in suspended animation in the realm of potential. We begin to see it as we allow ourselves to participate in it on a more active level. Rather than imagining it to be so, we take it as our personal project to make it so.

What seems to be missing will be one of these qualities of Being: love, peace, joy, supply, creativity, vitality, intelligence. We do know what each of these means and what it feels like to be involved with any one of them. They are the building blocks of Life. If we feel left out of the experience of one or more, we need to look within ourselves to see if we have been withholding the reality of them. We can always upgrade our use of these basic states of being.

It is important that we keep this local in the beginning. If we start trying to figure out how our personal perception is going to help the world change, we will feel defeated. Just keep spreading the Good you thought was missing. In this way you are making a huge contribution to the betterment of humanity. Like seeds carried by the wind, our activated ideas connect with those of like-minds. They form a matrix, a new meme. Just do your part and life will reveal what has been here all along.

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