Feb 15, 2018

In the Game

If we were to dismantle a car, piece by piece, laying out every part neatly, we would not find a "car." In his book "Nothing" by James Sloman, he likens this to our ego mind. It is not real, he suggests. It is a survival mechanism. As Deepak Chopra said, we cannot locate the Self in the body. It isn't there. Then what are we? Perhaps we are universal consciousness playing a game of pretend. Pretending we are something we are not, a separate individual from all other pretenders, which keeps us in the game.

What is the game if not the mind trying to make things different from what they appear to be now? Bigger, better, easier, richer, freer, cleaner, happier, healthier, more peaceful, more exciting and on and on. We use the past as a reference and the future as a magnet for the incessant machinations of the mind. If we know it to be an attempt to be anywhere but here now, we can begin to use this mind wisely.

Using the mind wisely is still the problem, according to Sloman, but it is part of the game. Everything to the mind is about survival. Even our highest ideals and loftiest desires are about making things different from what they are now. That might be considered a good thing if we produce a more equitable society, a peaceful coexistence, a healthy environment. But it is still a game. Who we are is actually an observer of the what this mind is doing.

What is the answer to this constant need to do something? Is there a way to enjoy what seems to be the creative aspect of mind? Let Love arise through the illusion. Experience Love right now before the mind starts making lists of what it does not love, what needs to change, what has to happen.

Perhaps it harkens back to the advice of Jesus, "Be in the game but not of it."

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