Dec 20, 2017

In the Field of Possibility

Acceptance of how things are right now is a deep realization of the possibility for change. It is only when we deny and resist what is currently manifesting, that we get mired in it. For example, if we walk around like Mr. Magoo, oblivious to the world we are in, we become susceptible to its violence. We will "not be sufficiently aware of violence to avoid it." (Thaddeus Golas) At the same time, if we do not deny its existence but accept it as a temporary level of mass consciousness, we are then available to access the polar opposite that is Love.

This is a bit tricky. We do not become passive when we accept everything as it is, as some might fear. On the contrary, we so deeply believe in the opposite of what is now apparent, that we become activists. We promote the better idea, we practice the higher vibration, we attempt to draw it out in others, we insist that humans are better than their current behavior. How could anything change if we resist what is so now? That would be like nailing something down and expecting it to move.

We are either in the field of possibility or we are in the density of form, as far as our focus is concerned. A bit of daily withdrawal from the density into the field of wholeness will help us to maintain a more relaxed view of our personal and collective experience. We will see through the appearance and judge it righteously, as the Masters have suggested we do. To be in the world but not of it, is not to deny it, but to be fully involved, all the while knowing there is more, there is better, there is immediate release, there is power, there is intelligence, there is wholeness, there is love and it all resides in every one of us.

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