Sep 1, 2017

In Harmony With Nature

Our choice is twofold. Preparation for disaster or prevention of it. That is as true of us individually as it is of us as citizens, as voters, as the collective. It has to do with the level of power we attribute to human beings. Are we victims of Nature or are we co-creator with her? Some very fine minds who become beloved spiritual teachers suggested that our collective unconscious contributes to tumultuous weather. That the collective energy of dis-ease, unleashed, makes itself manifest as outer storms of all kinds; as hurricanes and earthquakes. This is not as far-fetched as it might seem.

Everything we see came out of consciousness. Ideas tend to make themselves visible. Most of us have had the experience, many times over, of having what we were just thinking come true. An instantaneous manifestation is not as unusual as some might believe possible. If any one idea can be tracked back to the mental imagery of a mind, then what can we exclude?

Back to the weather. Because of old-time religion which says Mother Nature is a wild bitch to be manhandled as we see fit, we have done just that. Fracking and mine-stripping and dependence on oil, contaminating the water, etc. are the results of us thinking we have dominion over the Earth. Ha! We have a responsibility to obey her laws, which we have not done. She is simply revealing what abuse has done.

Peace, love, non-violent social change. The hippies were right. We cannot take our rightful place as the creators of our experience if we continue to see Nature as separate from us. That would include God. We are One with the Power that makes all things new. Let's use it wisely.

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