Apr 6, 2018

Honor the Feminine

There are fewer wars on the planet right now than at any time in history. That does not mean we have become more peaceful. It is because our weapons are deadlier and act as somewhat of a deterrent. It is like the long-suffering spouse who puts up with their partners terrible behavior thinking the marriage is a success because it has lasted so many years. Without a change of consciousness, we simply move effects, but the cause is still active. We might not be in combat but we are still at war with racism, sexism and other isms. There is violence right here at home, sometimes with a nameless enemy.

There are such things as cures, but healings mean the cause has been eradicated. Until we get to it, we will continue to create dis-ease. What is the cause of violence? It is not the effects of inequality, it is the cause of it. It is a belief in a male, white, remote God as the ultimate voice of authority. It is using that image as the foundation for every institution and government, including families. It is the exclusion from power anything or anyone who does not fit that image. Yes, I know, this is a running theme in my writings, but it is a major cause of our current lack of love, peace and joy in our world and I will continue to express it.

Each one of us needs to honor the feminine in ourselves. We must release the superstitious religions we have designed to suppress her and allow the collective heart to beat in sync. We are capable of creating a world that celebrates all sentient life and cares for it as if it were the rare and precious gift it is. We are not war-like by nature. We have been tricked, duped and misled to think so, but it is not true. Divide and conquer has been the most effective weapon of all. We are naturally inclined to love each other, and when we do, we cannot be conquered.

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