Nov 27, 2017

God's Vehicle for Expression

The universe is responsive and is always listening.  It is so easy to misinterpret that statement by taking it literally, as people have done with many spiritual scriptures.  Perhaps it is better said like this; There is a responsiveness to the Field of infinite potential.  It "listens" by means of the energy impressed upon it.  We do that with our mind, which includes intense feelings as well as intentional ideas.  That is why almost every enduring tradition in some way refers to the necessity of mindfulness.

The clarifying truth is that we are in the Field, right now.  We are not separate from it.  Our physical body is given form by the power of the Field to impart mass.  Recently this was proven by the discovery at the Hadron Collider, the largest machine ever constructed by humans.  Scientists found the "God Particle" and the Field which gives form to energy.  We are inseparable from God, as it were.  And what is this God stuff, if not Intelligence?

The Western world of science is proving the wisdom of the ages, written in the Vedic scriptures of ancient India.  They knew five thousand years ago, what we are just discovering. Ernest Holmes, the great mind of the 20th century, said; "The day will come when Science and religion walk hand in hand."  That day is here. Science does not rob us of the feeling of the Presence of God, rather it liberates the mind to realize our power is right here, right now. We are the personified distributor of Intelligence.  Our mind is God's vehicle for expression.

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