Sep 6, 2017

God is in Everything

There is no more God in an elephant than there is in an ant; no more water in an ocean as in a drop; no less intelligence in a baby as in an old man. The difference is in the ability to express or use that intelligence. But the wholeness of God is in everything, just enough to be what it has become. There is no more God in humans than in a tree, but humans have eyes and hands and feet. We can move about, affecting the trees in the process.

Humans have the dubious ability to interfere with Nature. And boy, have we taken advantage of that ability! We even interfere with our own nature by denying the God within. This makes us feel like victims of Nature and we go into battle with her. Nature would include anything with Life in it. Other people, especially. We see difference as a threat, not as proof of the profound intelligence of God, able to diversify itself into a spectacular display of form. If we knew God was within each of us, would we want to harm another?

In the East, a common greeting is "Namaste," which means "The God in me sees the God in you." If only. The problem is not in the sentiment, but in the fact that most of us have not realized our own Divinity. We stumble around as if we actually were kicked out of the Garden of Eden. We behave as if it is shameful to be human. Our religions have kept us from ourselves! Maybe it is time to reenter the Garden. The only vehicle that can take us there is the mind, how we use our attention, and our use of time. God awaits our entrance into its residence. Where could that be if not right where we are?

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