Aug 30, 2017

Gifts to Give

Anything worth learning creates greater independence and self-responsibility. In turn, those qualities enliven our desire to help others in need. If we are grasping for our good, with no sense of how it comes to us, we will be anything but magnanimous with what we have. Those who reach out to their fellow humans do so because they can. It is that simple.

If we see someone holding up a sign asking for help, we give, not because we are superior or out of any sense of guilt, but simply because we can. We have learned that circulation is key to prosperity. We may ask for help ourselves, knowing that our self-responsibility is not in peril, but leading the way. We must take care of ourselves as best we can, knowing that we are involved in the field of potential all the time. We are necessary to the system of give and receive.

For most of us it is easier to give than receive. In western culture, money has become the measure of one's self-worth. We mistakenly think there must be something wrong with us if we are financially insecure. But no, it means nothing in truth. If we can hold to our self-respect we will be able to receive blessings as they come but also to remember that it is temporary. We are in a holding pattern of our own making and it will all change quickly. Supply comes from many avenues but it all originates in the deeper realms of self-awareness.

Try this: I have gifts to give. I am supplied with what is necessary to my greater self-expression.

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