Oct 13, 2017

Get Into Be-ing

Ralph Waldo Emerson, one of the great intellects of American literature, was also a mystic. He loved nature and believed some time with her could restore our humanity. He often railed against the artificiality of society; the adopted stances and the fake politeness, which he felt hid a frustrated natural man (or woman). He wrote "The man comes out of the shop and the office and sees the sky and woods and is a man again."

In modern cities, we have created large parks for our return to Nature. If more of us would take our lunch there and forego the expensive restaurants, we might feel more peaceful and restored. But for anyone, there is a place to retreat that will bring our sense of home back into our awareness. It is right where we are, within our own mind. Yes, sitting in silence is the most restorative activity because it is the most natural. We might say Nature-All. We come into that realm of being that is one with its source. That is the mystical union we crave and cannot get from work or any of our accomplishments.

A balance between the inner and the outer worlds is the antidote to ennui and a sense of disconnection from real life. We have mistakenly thought our Do-ings would bring us into harmony with our true self. Let's coin a new phrase from that old saying, "With all thy getting, get understanding."

"With all thy doing, get into Be-ing."

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