Feb 27, 2018


The longer I live, the more I see Nature as the grand example of pure Intelligence and Perfect Love in right relationship. Like young lovers, she celebrates life with reckless abandon. Seemingly carelessly, without any effort, she paints pictures that are alive. She brings forth what is within the field of possibility.

On a recent trip to the Big Island of Hawaii, we saw Kilauea shooting molten lava into the air. There was tremendous energy expended, but with no effort. It simply bursts forth from within. Anyone who has witnessed the birth of a baby knows there is no effort involved. There is a process, but it is going to happen one way or another. There are women in various cultures who drop their newborns in the field with no pain, and simply strap them to their backs and go back to work. Westerners like to think it has to be a huge dramatic event, and indeed it is, but like everything else, birth is the result of growth within; like the volcano reaching a certain level of pressure, what is within must be released.

Ideas are like that if we have tended them, allowed them to grow, infused them with belief and passion. They will burst forth as some version of themselves and then do it again and again. Ideas always produce multiples, giving us options and choice. The only effort involved is the conflict we create between our knowing self and the local perception of the ego mind. The latter is always trying to convince the former of the impossibility of the idea. It will throw up all sorts of reasons why we should give up. But the knowing self will also insist that we hold to our passion. Which one gets our attention will be determined by our daily practice.

Do we spend time within the creative center of our own mind? Do we give our idea some solace from the nay-saying ego? Do we affirm and declare the power of Nature to bring forth the results as easily as she fills a field with daffodils? Our part is also effortless; it only requires our agreement and attention, our passion and our willingness to grow into the fulfillment of the idea.

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