doing anything but being in the desire fulfilled." />
Mar 8, 2018

From Desire To Revelation

Neville wrote "Desire springs from ultimate attainment."  We do not desire anything we do not know is possible.   The fulfilled idea is alive in us as energy ready to show itself as form or experience.  Furthermore, we do not have to actually see our desire in the world. If that were so, nothing new would ever be invented. The key ingredient is imagination.  Can we imagine our desire as completely here and now and that we are immersed in it?  Neville said this is not day dreaming, it is a controlled use of mind.  Notice that in that state we are not doing anything but being in the desire fulfilled.

It is easy to see why Master teachers have often used the analogy to gardening to describe the kind of definite belief we must have.  The planting of seeds is an act of sublime faith.  There is no doubt or fear in our mind that the seed will not produce or that it will create something other than what we intend.  In the depth of Fall we can see our Spring garden clearly.  It is not difficult to imagine.  We know it is on the way as soon as we  plant the seed.  The entire  process requires very little of us, but we must place that seed firmly in the soil.

When we consider that our ideas go through a similar process as the seed, we become aware of our part in the creative process.  It is to keep the idea firmly planted in our mind as the fulfilled desire. See it, feel it, let it be.  As the idea increases in energy and begins to move itself into visibility, we will be impelled to act.  We will make the right moves, as it were, to participate in the revealing. The desire itself is prompting us from within to put ourselves in the most positive receptive mode.  Then the magic happens.  The garden is blooming, the fruit is on the trees, the gardener is reaping what was planted. We stand in awe and gratitude.

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