Feb 28, 2018

Everything is Energy in Motion

Much of our spiritual practice has to do with seeing rightly. That is, to see through the appearance of the thing, or the facts that seem solid and fixed, to the reality behind the form; everything in the created world is energy in motion. Nothing is permanent, in and of itself; it needs to be directed by our awareness. The more solidity we give it, the more difficult it is to change.

An old saying, "This is nothing trying to become something" is so useful as a perception of anything we do not welcome into our experience. Things are not entities; they are temporary uses of energy. Where is our focus? It is the secret behind all conscious manifestations. Do we see with fear that this thing, this fact, this situation is too powerful for us to deal with, or are we aware of the power within our own mind?

A recent study of the brains of conservatives and liberals showed something significant. The conservatives revealed a strong level of fear of change, of difference, of the loss of tradition, a need for security. The liberals showed a tendency to feel safe in changing conditions and a comfort with diversity. This makes sense when we realize that fear and or comfort are the launching pads for our choices and preferences. When we are afraid, we tend to pull back and "circle the wagons" as it were.

If we remember that everything is energy in motion, we can live more freely and without the underlying fear that keeps us in a kind of holding pattern. Nothing is forever and everything is changeable.

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