Nov 17, 2017

Everyone is the Expression of One Life

Once again, with the not-so-shocking news of multiple allegations of sexual assault and harassment in our world, I am reminded of the metaphysical axiom "revealed to be healed." It is like a cancer growing within our shared body of consciousness. If we remain in denial about it, it will only fester and become worse. The reason spirituality must address it is because the roots of woman-hate are in religion.

I have written about this many times, but it must be kept in our awareness. The notion that the ultimate Power, the Source of all life, is exclusively male has been deadly to women and by extension, children, homosexuals and people of color and men and boys who show artistic tendencies. Hitler tried to kill anyone he deemed "less than" white masculine protestant. This prevailing attitude gives unevolved men the right to dominate and control those who are in that category. They have tried to kill all the brown people; they have enslaved little children in the sex trade; men fly to Thailand to have sex with toddlers, gays are routinely murdered. The level of violence against anything deemed Feminine is rooted in old time religion.

I have never met a woman who hasn't been either molested as a child, raped as a teen or assaulted as an adult in some way. These acts go unreported because of the Power of the men involved. Usually it is a boss, a priest, a coach, a teacher, a parent and/or beloved relative. The threats and the repercussions are hard to bear when you know deeply that you are considered prey by a culture. You have no power. But now that modern spiritual teachings have begun to recognize the necessity of the Feminine in our shared values and in our decision making, she is rising up and clearing the field, as it were. It is getting uncomfortable, but we are greater than the mess and we can help shepherd the emergent Goodness.

Use this affirmation to keep out of anger and fear:

Our shared reality is now revealed as one of deep love and respect for all people. Everyone is the expression of the One Life, the wholeness of Being, the Feminine with the Masculine in perfect right relationship.

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