Oct 20, 2017


On my TV show this week I talked about Low Tech Spirituality. That is an apt description of New Thought/Science of Mind. We do not need special clothing, a certain place, an altar, beads, shawls, cushions, or a strict diet. We need nothing but our mind, our attention, our willingness to be in the presence of our very own being. This means, of course, to take ourselves out of the doing for a period of time every day. The benefits are many, beginning with greater emotional stability, a happy for no reason feeling, cheerful expectation and a kind of child-like sense of The More.

Why bother? Simply because we cannot avoid being in the doing world. We take ourselves out into the fray every day. What are we bringing with us? Would our lives be better if we were more emotionally stable, happier and cheerfully expectant? Well, yes, because we are experiencing our inner life all the time and it is cause to our outer actions, which, in turn, create effects that seem to be coming at us.

Emerson said that always a certain enthusiasm attends the individual's consciousness of the divine presence (The More.) To be enthused is to be filled with Spirit, the power within. We are more eager to get out into the world and to do what is ours to do. We have a greater sense of what that is and how to achieve the results that are in alignment with our true calling. Sitting in the silence is the most powerful healing technique known to humankind. As they say, Just do it!

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