Aug 14, 2017

Discover the Good Things in Life

Word games have always been fun for me. Now we can play scrabble on our phones! Something I have noticed is how my opponents use the little helper icon to score big points. They play the most obscure two letter words that neither of us had ever heard of, nor do we know the meaning. It seems they want to win at all costs. For me, the fun of the game is to see what I can come up with on my own, drawing from my inner storehouse of words.

Self-discovery in any form is always the great game! We have all read accounts of those who have had tremendous insights while they are caught in war or illness or loss. When things are not working for us, the only place to look is within our own field of perception. We need an answer, and it is not going to come from anywhere else.

Yes, we can learn a great deal about ourselves during times of challenge. But I also believe we can learn ever more from real Love, Joy, Abundance, Vitality, Inner Peace and Freedom. Who has ever experienced a sustained Joy, for instance? Our fleeting glimpses of it are like tasty appetizers; just enough to make us aware of its reality. Who has learned everything they need to know about Love? No one. But we have learned all we need to know about war and injustice and suffering. We need to stop accepting these things as natural. They are the most limited use of what is available. It is our time to discover who we are in peace and prosperity. We will never plumb the depths of our soul but a move in that direction could make everything so much better!

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