Nov 14, 2017

Declare Your Divinity

At the most basic level, the difference between New Thought spirituality and old religious concepts, has to do with the immediacy of God. That is, God is within us, as us, is being us. The I am that we are is a personalized revelation of the universal I AM. So, there we have it. This simple distinction is life-changing for anyone who deeply accepts it. How much better life could be if everyone knew that the Source of all Good is an aspect of their own being!

We were taught many things in school, at home and in church. But very few of us were taught the power of our own mind; that the Good we seek is seeking outlet through us; that there is no good or bad luck, there is only awareness made manifest. That is the principle, but there is also the Presence. We feel it in our own alive-ness; we feel it when we love, when we give unstintingly, when we see beyond the appearance into the possibility. That is when we know God to be real.

There is a saying "It doesn't get any better than this." It is deeply true. It does'’t get any better than what we see until we see it differently! It is a serious practice to see God in everything; that is, the Source of Life itself, present as the life it creates. Look in the mirror and greet the Divine. I know, it seems silly, but we only think so because we were taught that we are less than God, flawed and sinful. It would be nonsense if it weren't so damaging to our perception.

It is time for humanity to awaken to its spiritual inheritance. It is time for us to claim the promise. "The Source and I are one." Put it to the test. Declare your Divinity!

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