May 4, 2018


Like you, I make decisions before anything happens in my  life.  Every morning I decide to get up and write this blog.  It would not happen without a decision to do it.   When we do something repetitively, like go to our workplace, it may seem like duty or obligation, anything but decision. But it is.   The creative process is involved with every decision, and if we would remember that, our daily "grind" would regain its initial energy of discovery and enthusiasm. We decide every day to continue supporting our original decision.  Or we make a new decision and create something new.

Habits do not seem like decisions, but they are.  We can change a habit that no longer serves us by being conscious that every time we light up that cigarette, for example, we have decided to, and therefore are willing to take what results from that decision; coughing, smelly clothes etc.   We quit a bad habit when we decide to, period. What the behaviorists advise is to make another decision concurrently; such as to take a dance class or to ride that old bicycle that is standing idle in the garage.

Decisions are energies that get us up and moving in a new direction.  They are different from choices, which imply either/or.  No, when a decision is made, it is not a choice, it is a command upon oneself.  We have taken charge of our mind and in that moment of decision, we have all the power.  Let's decide today to live as who we really are.  Let’s decide to quit trying to fit in or please anyone.  Let’s decide to honor the soul’s purpose.  That’s my decision and I am sticking to it.

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