Oct 25, 2017

Claim Your Boundless Possibility

Ask yourself: Am I as happy as I could be? Am I as loving as I want to be? Am I healthy as I know I can be? Am I as peaceful as I need to be? Am I as prosperous as I am meant to be?

Of course the answer to all of these questions is "No!" Happiness, love, vitality, supply and peace are infinite possibilities. They are open at the top, so to speak, with no end point. We can always raise our experience of each of these necessary components of a life well lived. That is the key; they are experiences of being, not things to achieve.

How much of each am I claiming for myself today? No need to quantify it; just declare: "Today I feel a greater love than ever before, right inside myself. Today I claim a greater abundance of financial freedom than ever before. Today I know a deeper peace than I thought possible. Today I am strong and vital, healthy and on the move in new ways."

Since we are dealing with boundless possibility, we ought to see increase where we claim it, incrementally! Life just gets better and better as we have a deeper experience of what we declare to be ours. Let's know this is true for all people everywhere, regardless of current circumstance. This is our affirmation for humanity: "We the people of planet earth are enjoying the fruits of spiritual awakening, right now, all at once, everywhere, no exceptions."

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