Nov 16, 2017

Care of the Soul

How to harmonize our deep need for meaning in life with our desire for greater physical achievement? We want the dream job, a beautiful home, money in the bank, travel and professional respect. It is easy to get so caught up in the pursuit of those things that we ignore, sometimes for decades, the soul call for meaning. The care of the soul is as important as is the care of our physical life.

In the debate between travel to outer space, and feeding the hungry, a scientist argued "We have to feed the soul, too." It is our spiritual nature to look up into the heavens, but our earthly experience has us overly focused on the ground, as it were. Yes, we must be present to this moment, but couldn't that include being aware of the greater reality at the same time?

It is always about balance. We cannot have a healthy outer life without a healthy inner life. The soul-self is essentially timeless, boundless, without restriction of any kind. It seeks ways to connect with its Source, which we feel as a longing for something more than maintaining a body and our worldly experience. There "must be more than this," we think, and there is. But the answer is not about favoring the one over the other. It is to bring the More into this moment, whether we are at the supermarket or gazing at distant stars.

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