Apr 18, 2018

Break Through

The worst mistake we can make if we want to be happy, vital and prosperous, is to attempt to keep everything in place. The Law of Life is growth, which means evolution. I like thinking of it that way because to me, evolution is not about loss, but about what is so now becoming more of its potential. It is rather like the toddler who becomes the little girl. We did not lose her, she evolved; or that little boy who "got too big for his britches." It is not unlike the crab shedding its shell and creating a new and bigger one.

Why is this so in humans? It seems to do with our nature, with our boundless potential. Once we reach maturity and the physical growth ceases, we begin to create newness through our mental activity. The ideas we feel strongly about, if they are attached to a resulting greater good, are prompted by our heart. The heart is a metaphor for the soul, the whole self, the ongoing "I" which contains the evolutionary principle. It nudges the conscious mind with ideas that promote growth; ie: "love more, include more, give more, celebrate more, express the rest of you." They come to our awareness as desires. If we are not used to listening to our soul, it might feel like frustration.

But rather than think "I will never get ahead" listen to the soul which is knowing "This job is too small for me. I can do much more with my talents." Then we begin to energize the idea with affirmation and cheerful expectation. We declare we are ready to give more, earn more, be more effective. When we are clear about that, we will naturally do what needs to be done to facilitate the outcome. The little crab knows how to shed a shell that is too small. Do we really think we are not equipped to break through our own self-imposed confines?

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