Sep 12, 2017


Just read a short article on the Internet about "Mean world syndrome." It is a tendency to see the world as coming to an end, or as getting worse in every way. The truth is, it is getting better. There are fewer wars today than ever. The crime rate is lower. The natural disasters are not unusual. It is easy to think otherwise because we are inundated with images of the anomalies (that's why they are "news").

Humanity is more informed than ever but the information is a bit one-sided. There is so much good in the world that we don't hear about. Much of what we see is our own shadow rising into our awareness. But it is the Light that is pushing it up through our collective consciousness. We are owning our issues and taking steps to correct false beliefs. It really is a monumental shift that is taking place.

We need to keep ourselves in a cheerful state of mind, even while we address the darker aspects of racism, sexism, homophobia, denial of our part in climate change, etc. Every great life-changing revolution was begun by someone who believed in humanity. We must believe that things can change when we look at what is actually happening. There is so much to be happy about these days, even in the midst of real challenge. Think about the great ones who walked amongst us. They all believed in our higher nature. Why bother to address it if it does not actually exist? It does, of course, or nothing would ever get better.

Let's be happy today. Let's believe in each other. Let's promote positive change.

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