Aug 3, 2017

Be The Change

The "cost of living" is a phrase we hear every day and do not question. It is strange when we give it more thought. Why is living not free? Ah, yes, we pay for services, some of which ought to be free, such as clean water and electricity. But those things must be made available to the masses and require technology to do so. We are not paying for water or power, we are paying for the delivery system. There are other things, such as insurance, that are man-made devices that require our participation whether we want them or not. The "cost of living" is based on what the market will bear. If you want to live by the ocean, you will have to pay more for shelter there. We pay for beauty? Yes. The delivery system is the house on the bluffs.

Think of the delivery system inside your own mind. For example, love is free but it must be activated by us within our own perception of self and the world to experience it. This is true of all the "best things in life" which are free; joy and creativity, peace and vitality, supply and abundance. Our belief that those qualities of living are inherently ours, delivers them by means of us. If we want love, for instance, we must be love in action. Like attracts like; form follows function.

Human awareness is the delivery system for all the good we could desire. You are your own power source, generating the very thing you would like to expand in your life. Be the change you wish to see in the world. (Can't quote Gandhi too many times!)

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