Sep 4, 2017

Be Ready to Learn

Emerson commented about teachers and students. He said no one can learn what they have not prepared to learn. An alchemist could impart all his secrets to a carpenter, as an example, but his wisdom would fall on deaf ears. We simply cannot give what will not be taken. Isn't that true? If we are not ready to hear a greater truth about ourselves, we will turn our backs and ridicule the speaker.

The barrier of resistance is very strong if we are emotionally defending ourselves. We may have come to a perception that seems to make us safe, and we will not consider that we have created a personal cage. It only becomes evident to us once we catch a glimmer of hope that suggests we could be happier, healthier and more prosperous. If we are ready to move in that direction, we will find the teaching or the teacher that can help us make the changes necessary. They will be changes in our thinking and our self-identity.

Because our very self-identity is on the line, we might be frightened or angry at first. But if we stick with it, learn to see through new eyes, as it were, we will find life getting better and better. New Thought spirituality is not a doctrine to be learned and memorized. It is a way of perception that liberates the mind from superstition and dogma. It brings us to ourselves. It sets us free. However, it is a depth teaching and requires our full participation. In this instance, practice does not make perfect; practice uncovers a perfection that has always been there.

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