Sep 7, 2017

Be In The Flow

Emerson said "In skating over thin ice, our safety is in our speed." This remark came out of his essay on Prudence. He was making a case for action. Whatever we may possess, whether it be love or money, will wither and die if it is not circulated. We cannot be idle and prosper. We cannot expect a gain if we keep our treasure locked up in our mind or in our grasp. Likewise, the sharing of good ideas keeps us in the loop of vision, innovation and invention. It is simply the law of compensation operating at a personal level.

That which we love and appreciate in ourselves needs air and light and movement to be seen and reflected back to us. If not given, they might as well not exist. When things look the worst is a call for generosity. We see it come out in national disasters but the rule also applies to any moment that we feel stuck. We get things moving again by putting ourselves in the stream of activity. When the great spiritual teachers talk about being in the flow, that is what they are indicating.

Energy is creative and tends to make things out of itself. What is flowing, expands and is constantly replenished. Imagine if everyone remained idle today. No one went to work; no one cooked a meal; no one stocked the shelves; no one taught a class, or repaired a road or painted a picture or wrote music or removed trash. Activity is life and life is activity. So today let's look at what might be stagnating in our lives. Let's make good use of our many gifts. People who seem to have blessed lives are usually those who are blessing life with their gifts.

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