Aug 7, 2017

Be a Spiritual Scientist

One truth we have learned from quantum physics is that in this universe, we are not merely observers, we are participators.  Furthermore, what we observe becomes real to us, and observation is perception, which is personal to each. It is almost like we are walking around in our own little movie in which we star, are the director and producer.  That's worth considering but let's go back to the first revelation, that we are participators.  This is so entirely counter intuitive that it is easy to discount.

It is easy to assume there is a world sitting out in front of us that we must handle, deal or cope with, and that we have little say in what it is doing.  This is the great paradox; what seems to be "real" is as "real" as it needs to be to give us our perception in form and experience.  Everything is a quivering mass of potential, shaped by us, according to our level of participation with it!

To bring it home: we are each participating in some degree of prosperity, vitality, creativity, joy, peace and love. Those are the potentialities that transmute into human experience.  To give us each an individual experience, they shape themselves around our perception.  Now if we increase our participation, our perception expands and we seem to "have more" of what is active in us.  The old saying "If you want more, give more" seems to hold up scientifically!

We can choose today to be more actively involved with those basic building blocks of human life. We have the capacity for greater participation in every one of them. Get involved with love, joy, peace, vitality, supply and creativity. Pick one for an experiment. Be a spiritual scientist.  Prove the Truth. This is a universe of pure intelligence and you are its partner.

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