Apr 5, 2018

Balanced Power

We have lived with violence for so long we have unconsciously accepted the false idea that humans are inherently wicked. It is akin to believing the earth is flat and acting as if it were so. When the breakthrough of realization comes through, life is very different on a spherical planet. Our current breakthrough is the balancing energy of the feminine coming from the depths of our anguish. She is the Mother and she is on the move to temper the Father which has been misused in the name of conquest. Thinking we can't help ourselves, that we are naturally aggressive war makers is a good excuse for violating the rights of others.

The darkness is being pushed up into our shared awareness by the subjective Light. We are over it! We have had enough of the brutality of patriarchy. We want a world that truly represents our greater nature. We have to insist on the balance within ourselves. That is what the whole spiritual movement away from male dominated religion is all about.

Our practice of meditation, silence and spiritual mind treatment, take us into the depths of the real self. The Feminine is fiercely loyal to the creative process, to the equality of all beings, to the celebration of Nature, to the Joy of living. When she is an equal partner with the masculine need to build and to discover, we have a true relationship of balanced power. It has to happen. Those of us who are alive today will make it so.

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