Feb 26, 2018

Awaken to Spiritual Magnificence

Ideas about human nature and our place in the universe are changing rapidly and the result is a kind of subjective chaos. I heard someone in line at the grocery store say, "I don't know what to think anymore!" I have no idea what the topic was, but the message was clear; confusion abounds.

I feel so blessed to have found New Thought teaching many years ago. The discovery of a natural law that responded to my deeper thoughts was both thrilling and at first, somewhåat scary. Like the lady in the grocery store, I didn't know what to think!! Some of the best advice came from ancient Christian writings:

"Think on these things, the good the true and the beautiful."

The question is: What is good, what is true, what is beautiful?

Ernest Holmes said we look too far away for reality. The gardener sees it in the seed, the mother in her newborn's eyes, the astronomer in the stars, the child in the butterfly.

The Good is easily seen in nature and so is the True: the gardener knows the seed will produce its potential, the oak tree is in the acorn, the rose in the bulb, the potential in the child. There is a law at work, giving forth what is within.

What is Beautiful? It is the diversity of nature, the variety of species, the sheer magnitude of numbers, the mathematics of the universe and everything in it. Think on these things and add to our thought the vision of humanity awakening to its spiritual magnificence.

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