Oct 19, 2017

Answers Within Your Field of Consciousness

Since the weather has cooled I have been out walking in the mornings. Being on foot gives me a chance to stop into shops that, usually, I just whiz by in my car. I had some nice conversations with people I would not have met otherwise. At one point I sat for a phone call under a tree in a tiny park with a babbling fountain nearby. I am not sure I have ever noticed it before. The aroma of roasting chiles in the air was tantalizing. It is that time of year here in the Southwest. The point, of course, is that we miss so much when we do not take time to be conscious of where we are!

Likewise, we miss so much when we are not conscious of WHO we are, what is our power and how it can be used for the greater good. The whole world is suffering because of a lack of awareness. Millions see themselves as victims; thinking animals that must fight for their share of anything. They believe there is not enough to go around. That belief is driven home by those who share the belief but have figured out a way to take the lion's share of what is available. It is a vicious cycle of ignorance.

As was said by Ernest Holmes; "We have learned all we need to know from suffering." He then wrote a book about how to end the cycle; how to find the path to freedom and plenty for all. The book was titled The Science of Mind because the answer is in conscious perception!

Try this: The answers are within my own field of consciousness. I walk through my mind with ease and joy. This is a spiritual universe, governed by spiritual laws and I am a spiritual being.

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